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Raw Silk Scarf, Pure Silk Scarf from Madagascar, Elegant Scarf
Raw Silk Scarf, Pure Silk Scarf from Madagascar, Elegant Scarf

Raw Silk Scarf, Pure Silk Scarf from Madagascar, Elegant Scarf

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Look in most fashion girls’ wardrobes, and we guarantee you will almost always find a Pure Silk Scarf. The luxe accessory, steeped in history, transcends personal preference in style. They weave their way through the closets of everyone from the ultra-feminine to the urban girls, and for good reason. High-quality Silk Scarfs are an insurmountably easy way to add both elegance and coziness to any wardrobe!


If you’re looking for a comfortable way to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, or for a perfect gift for your loved ones, look no further. Our high-quality 100% Silk Scarf is perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal greetings, happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and any occasion. This luxurious looking scarf is handwoven in Madagascar, known as Lamba Landy. Central piece of the traditional wardrobe in Madagascar, our Pure Silk Scarf ismade from a fabric (Lamba) with silk fibers (Landy) from silkworm. It feels luxuriously smooth and you’ll wear it all year long!


This gorgeous, delicate Statement Scarf is sure to attract many compliments. It would give a precious spin to any outfit. It is very soft, lightweight and it will make you feel feminine and gorgeous. There is no wrong way to wear a scarf. Cashmere scarves are not lacking in versatility by any means. They will look good with virtually anything in your closet (think a cotton T-shirt, trench coat, crewneck) and can be knotted in multiple ways. With this luxurious scarf, you won't even need jewelry!Order NOW because you can’t go wrong with this beautiful classic yet modern accessory!



*Material: pure silk

*Size: 3x3 inch

*High quality!

*Handmade and absolutely unique

They are handmade and non-returnable.

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