Tobmarc ethically partners directly with talented and yet undiscovered artisans from different countries to empower them through introducing their handcrafts to the global markets. Tobmarc mission is to sell sustainable products that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced to play a role in sustainable development through empowering communities as well as to bring different cultures together through handcraft. Sustainability and environmental consciousness is Tobmarc Motto! Join us in making the world a better place.


Tobmarc handcrafted wooden products are made of food-safe natural Olive or Jacaranda wood and ethically sourced from talented Artisans in Kenya. All her products are sourced with the highest standards of best business practices and ethical fair trade. The vendors are chosen only by numerous personal visits to ensure a long-standing business relationship, mutual respect, and the highest standard of quality.


Tobmarc eco-friendly, ethical and sustainably sourced baskets are handwoven by skilled female artisans in Kenya. The baskets are made of sisal fiber extracted from the leaves of the sustainably sourced sisal plant. Selling not only builds sustainable communities but also preserves deep cultural heritages of a country. There is a story behind each piece. Made with Love, Tobmarc is proud to convey that Love from the Maker to the Buyer.